Guitar & Music Theory Classes

Guitar-Class-For-Homeschoolers If your child has been wanting to take guitar or bass lessons, needs to work on theory, or would like to learn how to compose music, Tony Young in Garden City is setting up 1/2 hour private lessons for fall classes and offering a special rate of just $15 per half hour for homeschoolers.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay during the sessions. There are no contracts, just call Tony to set up an introductory lesson to see if he is right for your child and you. If it works out, then you can set up regular weekly lessons to work around your schedule.

Tony is a respected talented local composer, record producer, and guitarist who has been teaching for almost 20 years. One of his gifts is training by ear, your child will be able to hear a few notes of a song and know what key it is being played in! He believes in home schooling and has a major roll in his 10 year old daughters’ education.

For more information please contact Tony at 734-744-7513.