Free Homeschool Planning Worksheet

Free Homeschool Planner When you’re a homeschooling family, planning your day is a bit more complicated for you than most other families. Homeschool moms are often coordinating lesson plans, support group meetings, play dates, programs, field trips and more! That’s just the school side of things. We also need to work out the housekeeping end of life too; meal plans, cleaning schedules, errands and the like.

I have searched for years for the perfect planner that will allow me to incorporate all aspects of managing a household and a homeschool. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the right one, yet. I’ve found great school planners and great time planners, but nothing that closed the gap between the two. Out of desperation and necessity, I created my own version. It’s not perfect, but much closer to what I need than other things I’ve tried and I’m sharing it for free with you.

My “Master Plan” allows you to see, at a glance, what each child will be doing in each subject every day, what chores you’ve assigned them, your meal plan and has a space for notes and appointments. I still use an actual lesson planner with a grade book for the detailed part of school, but this helps me coordinate everything with greater ease.

Each week, I fill out the Master Plan and post it on the refrigerator. This way, the entire family is kept in the loop. My children are older, so they can take responsibility for their own chores and assignments and cross them off when they are completed. Having the meal plan worked in avoids the oft-repeated question, “What’s for dinner?”

Using a spreadsheet as a base, I created this for planning with two children. If you’re familiar with spreadsheets, you can easily modify this to fit your family’s needs. Download the Master Plan for free by clicking this link.

Have you found the perfect planner for your homeschooling lifestyle? I’d love to hear about it – drop me a note in the comments section below!