MPHS Families (unschooling)

Southeast Michigan
MPHS Families is an all inclusive group, with a great support for families following or curious about natural learning, unschooling, and alternative learning styles.

They are an all-inclusive, secular group.  Spiritual discussion, activities and field trips are welcome.  Religious diversity is one of the aspects of our group, with families following many different spiritual and lifestyle paths.

MPHS currently offers:

  • An active forum for online discussion and support, organizing trips and classes, sharing resources, silliness and fun!
  • Regular bowling days
  • Park days
  • Gymnastics
  • Chess club
  • Museum trips/classes
  • Holiday and festival activities
  • Parent led classes: sewing, woodworking, herbology, knitting
  • Many different field trips
  • Lending library
  • Potlucks
  • monthly MNO