South Eastern Michigan Homeschooling Teens & PreTeens

Southeastern Michigan Homeschooling Teens & Pre-Teens is an informally structured homeschool support group comprised of homeschooling families in Southeastern Michigan. By pooling the talents and resources of its members, they attempt to provide positive alternatives to the social and extra curricular activities typically offered in a traditional school setting. Over the years parents have organized dances, a school newspaper, Odyssey of the Mind Teams, a varsity letter program, various classes, fieldtrips and lots of fun get togethers!

They are an open and welcoming group who respect each other’s beliefs and homeschooling styles. It is their intention that this group continue to be a welcoming place for parents to work cooperatively to organize activities and events. A place to pool our resources for academic and social opportunities. And a place to ask questions, find encouragement and support in our homeschooling journeys.