Moose Tree Nature Center Homeschool Classes

Moose Tree Nature Center Homeschool Classes

Moose Tree Nature Center in Lake Orion is offering the following homeschool classes:

  • January 13 – Classifications. Will take a closer look at some animals, see what classfication group they belong to and why. In the lab will learn how to use a Dichotomous Key.
  • February 10 – Birds 101
  • March 10 – Astronomy 101
  • April 14 – Finding North. Learn how to use a compass and other ways to find north. Will do some geocaching with GPS units. Will learn how to use them.
  • May 12 – Wildflower Identification
  • June 16 – Insects

Classes are geared for students ages 5 – 10.  All sessions will have a discussion and hands-on activities.

Classes run from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m, with a fee of $7.50 per student.

To register and for a description of the classes call Community Education at 248/693-5436 then press #1.

Lindsey Clair

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