Free Resources for Learning About Groundhog Day

Legend has it that tomorrow we’ll find out if we will have an early Spring or 6 more weeks of winter.  With the big snow storm headed our way, I know we’re all hoping for an early spring!

I’ve shared some resources over at the LessonPathways blog for putting together a quick (and FREE) theme unit about Groundhog Day.  Here are some more of my favorites to add to your collection:

Me & My Shadow: Help your child measure his or her shadow at different times of the day

Here’s a Little Groundhog: A short poem and coloring page for early readers

Jigsaw Puzzle: A fun, online, activity featuring Fuzzy the groundhog

Snacks: What unit would be complete without food?  Here’s a list of fun snack ideas to use in conjunction with Groundhog Day

Do you have a favorite resource for finding theme unit ideas?  I’d love to hear about it – just drop me a line in the comments section below!