The Science of Winter + Sneaky Homeschool Tip!

The Science of Winter + Sneaky Homeschool Tip!

If you’re looking for great educational material, look no further than your own television set!  Some of my favorite resources are the History Channel, the Science Channel and National Geographic Channel.

It takes a little planning, or sometimes just working spur of the moment, but if you browse through your upcoming listings, you’ll find plenty of documentaries and educational programming you can use in your homeschool.

A few month’s ago, I queued up “The Science of Winter”, from the National Geographic Channel, on my DVR.  I watched the program once, straight through, to determine if it was appropriate and enjoyable.  I found it to be very fascinating.  It covered a variety of topics and answered questions such as “Why do we shiver?”, “What makes a snowflake?” “Can it be too cold to snow?” and much more!  I highly recommend it – you could easily build an entire theme unit around this program.

I normally watch the program twice; once, as mentioned above, to determine if its a good fit for our homeschool; second to jot down questions to create a worksheet.  I like to use the worksheet as a guide, letting my children find and write down the answers as they are watching the program.  It helps ensure they are really paying attention and not watching idly.

But …. working full time and homeschooling can be a tricky balance and I find that some thing just don’t get done.  Like the worksheet I was going to create. In the past few weeks, I just couldn’t seem to carve out the time to watch the program again.  Knowing the winter would be ending soon, I didn’t want the timing of this lesson to slip by.  What’s a homeschool mom to do?

Problem Solved! Why not let the kids create the worksheet? For my purpose, this achieved the same goal.  It ensured that my girls were watching the program and because they had to create the worksheet AND the answer key, they were keen to get it right.  Plus, they wouldn’t have to watch this program in the summer!

This program will be airing again, in the Metro Detroit area, this Sunday on the National Geographic Channel.  Set your DVR and download this free copy of one of the worksheets my children created – or have your kids make their own!

Lindsey Clair

Lindsey Clair is a homeschooling mother of three daughters. She is married to her best friend Ron since 1999! Lindsey possesses a degree in Child Development and just completed her BS degree in business marketing with a social media concentration. She is currently a professional blogger and social media manager. Lindsey is also a trained musician in the areas of piano and vocals. Her hobbies include reading, shopping, blogging, and hanging out with family and friends.