Book Review Opportunity for Young Adults

Book Review Opportunity for Young Adults

Written by students, Flamingnet is a book review website with a twist. Student reviewers are given the opportunity to read and discover new books or advance copies (that have yet to hit the stores’ shelves) from authors and
national publishers. With a mission “to promote reading and writing among young adults”, Flamingnet provides readers a fun, one-of-a-kind opportunity to critique their books of choice.

Flamingnet has grown to include hundreds of student reviewers from all over the United States, England, and Australia. Books are ranked on a one to ten scale. Any book that receives a ranking of nine or ten by a student reviewer is awarded a “Top Choice Award”. Authors are invited to submit a request for their new or advance copies of books to be reviewed by the students.

Students from fifth grade and up are invited to apply at Flamingnet to become a book reviewer. Once students become reviewers, they may choose any book from Flamingnet’s available list to review. After the review is completed, not only may students keep the book (Shipping and handling costs are covered by an annual fee of fifteen dollars for the first year or ten dollars for each additional year), but students may continue to review more books, one at a time, building up their own library.

About Flamingnet
Currently a student at Harvard University, Seth Cassel started writing book reviews in the fifth grade that his father, Dr. Gary Cassel, a freelance webpage designer, posted to Flamingnet. Authors as well as national publishers began to take notice and sent more review requests. As the requests for books grew, so did the website. Hundreds of student reviewers joined forces with adult sponsors, such as teachers or librarians, to build a unique website that featured honest opinions about the characters, plots, or conflicts within the stories.

For more information about Flamingnet LLC, please contact Gary Cassel,
Ruxton Towers Suite 104, 8415 Bellona Lane, Baltimore, Maryland USA 21204,

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