Homeschool Band Program in Canton

Homeschool Band Program in Canton

Homeschool-Band Home Educators Music Association (HEMA) Band has  been in operation for over 10 years, serving the southeast Michigan area. They  have paid professional music instructors, providing instruction for homeschool students (and parents) for grades 1st and up. They currently have 4 levels of programs, from the very beginner to advanced. This a band instrument program, not providing instruction for strings or piano.

First through third grade students can enroll in our 45 minute Recorder class. The students need to come with their own soprano recorder, which is available at any music store for around $10. Students also need to come with a music stand and the assigned recorder book. Stands can cost in a range of $15 and up, and the assigned book will cost under $10 as well. No music experience necessary.

From fourth grade up to adult, they offer 3 levels of band instruction. The  Alpha Band is for the very beginner. Students are taught how to put their instruments together, how to make sounds, how to read music and how to play
as a group.

The Cadet Band is for students who have at least one year of instruction, and are still learning the basics of music theory and performance.

Concert Band is for the advanced students, and is open through audition only.

This is a full year program, meeting every Friday at Geneva Presbyterian Church on Sheldon Road, off of Ford Road, in Canton from 1 – 2:30 pm.   There are  2 concerts per year at Easter and Christmas, which are free and open to the public. Tuition is $220 per year for your first child, with discounts for your additional full time band students. Recorder students pay $130 per year.

Band students need to come with their own instruments, which need to be approved by the Board or Conductors. Students also need to provide a music stand and assigned book.

Outside of  regular rehearsal and concert schedule, our older more advanced students can participate in music competitions, honors events, and community service activities. HEMA also has a summer band camp for all  students in August every year.

This is not t a typical “drop off” homeschool program. Parents are required to help out in some way. For parents unable to stay, there are jobs to do from home, such as emailing or brochure development.

Families are encouraged to come to the Open House on Friday, September 2nd at 1pm at Geneva Church. Instruments will be there to try and rent, if desired. Books will be available for purchase also. Parents, board members, instructors, and band students will be there to meet and greet.

Please RSVP to Dawn Buchbinder, Board President at 734-782-2761 or

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