Moose Tree Nature Center Homeschool Programming

Moose-Tree-Nature-Center-Homeschool-Classes Moose Tree Nature Center in Lake Orion is again offering Fall 2011 Homeschool classes.

Classes run from 9:30 – 11:00am and cost $7.50 per student.

**All sessions will have a discussion and hands-on activities. Please come dressed for the weather.

The Fall 2011 Homeschool classes and their description are as follows:

  • September 8th – Animals on the Inside – Study the bone structure of some animals and take a closer look at some animal skeletons. In the lab we will identify some skulls by looking at their teeth.
  • October 13th – Fall Harvest Science – The season of fall comes with a lot of colors and a full harvest. In this session we will dissect our fall harvest. We will be looking at gourds, corn, pumpkins and more.
  • November 10th – Turkey Talk – A lesson all on that bird that gobbles. In this session we take a look at what makes Turkeys so incredible. We will look at classification, behavior and learn more about this bird.
  • December 8th – The Water Cycle – Evaporation, condensation, and precipitation are the focus of this program. Students will engage in a series of experiments to further explore the water cycle.


To register and for a description of the classes call Community Education at 248/693-5436 then press #1 or visit the Lake Orion Community Schools website, click on the community link and in the drop box click on Community Education.

You can also contact Moose Tree directly to register. Jamie is the Naturalist there. Her email address is JHUHTA@lakeorion.