The Homeschooling Roller Coaster

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Don’t you just love those wild and crazy  roller coasters at amusement parks much like the ones at Cedar Point?  I can honestly say that I do and I always get those butterflies in my gut while climbing up that very first hill.  The one that really gets me is the Millennium Force at Cedar Point.  Traditional and classic roller coasters you usually climb up the hill nice and slow but not with the Millennium Force.  As soon as you are strapped in and seated, the ride begins and it takes you up that first steep climb pretty quickly causing extreme butterflies and possible apprehension.  That first drop is a big one and not knowing how it will turn out is always the question, right?  Well, this pretty much goes for homeschooling, especially being new to the whole adventure.

Right now I feel like I am climbing that hill (not at a slow pace I might add) getting ready to take the first drop and wondering how everything will turn out. The first start of my drop will begin this coming Monday the 29th, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, etc., well,  you get the picture.  I think by the time I reach the end of that first hill so to speak on Friday I will have a clue as what our homeschooling journey will like.  Right now it’s just those endless butterflies and apprehension like I mentioned.  I have told myself to relax and the support of homeschooling families have been great but I guess when starting something fresh and new it’s just inevitable to feel this way.  Don’t get me wrong I am also VERY excited as sometimes the unknown can be quite a rush at least it was this way in the beginning, now getting closer not so much.

Who is currently climbing that roller coaster hill with me?  Are you ready for that first drop?  Let’s just throw our arms up to the sky together and begin on this journey the best that we can.  Please feel free to share what your homeschooling roller coaster ride has been like.  I most definitely would love to hear from you.

Happy Homeschooling!

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