Winner of the Not Back To School Giveaway

Winner of the Not Back To School Giveaway

homeschool-winner Thanks to everyone that left a comment, sharing their best homeschool advice!

The winner of a $30 Target Gift Card is Sheri H!

Her advice:

Only plan out about 6-8 weeks out for your intended goals, so that you do not become overwhelmed. Esp. since “life happens” which undoubtedly will throw everything off. By only have a couple months planned, you can adjust and realign your goals without having to completely redo/plan everything. That helps avoid you becoming frustrated with “I could have, should have” or “we should be” but rather you can simply plan out your next set of plans based on what you did accomplish, and what you still need to work on.

Also-taking the time to make notes, and do any and all prep work before you get to that area of study will save you tons of frustration and keep you from falling into an abyss of “we’ll get to it later” [many never do], while losing the interest of your students and yourself. So planning a few days where you have “mom prep time” is a very wise idea. Just work steadily for those few days to get it all done-then you will save yourself so much time in the end b/cuz you will be organized.

I will make print/cut/bag up any material for projects and label them (storing them in a tote) to pull out as we come along to that activity. That way I am not running off and hunting to get the stuff together while in the midst of the lesson. Using a program or schedule book is a great way to keep relatively on track or even just a running check list to help you see what you have accomplished and what you still need to work on will help in over all organization.

Workboxes have helped immensely with keeping my students organized, on target and moving forward with their assignments while keeping the level of frustration low b/cuz they know exactly what they have to do for just that day, and it is broken into manageable portions so they won’t become overwhelmed.

Congratulations, Sheri!


Lindsey Clair

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