Earthworks & Exchange City Program in Taylor

Earthworks & Exchange City Program in Taylor

Registration have begun for the 2011-2012 homeschool fieldtrips to Exchange City and Earthworks!

Exchange City

Located in Taylor, MI

Simulation: Friday, December 16, 2011
Curriculum Begins: 10/3/2011
Registration Deadline: 9/30/2011

Prior to the one-day visit to Exchange City, homeschool students ages 9-17 will work at home to complete related economic unit studies. All materials are provided. The work can be completed reasonably over a ten week period beginning October 3, 2011 working 2-4 hours a week.

Students will create resumes, complete job applications and have job interviews, for more 60 different jobs within the city! They take on roles of business owners, entrepreneurs, employees, public officials, consumers and citizens in a wide variety of businesses. These include: City Bank; Radio Station; Post Office; Health Center; Newspaper; Utility Company; Restaurant; Distribution Center; City Hall and a variety of retail stores and other businesses.

At the city students learn to create a business plan, calculate payroll expenses, plan advertising, take on accounting services, purchase materials, pay rent, pay taxes, and utilities. They also apply for a commercial business loan, write radio and newspaper advertisements, design business signs and logos, and create business slogans. Students and their businesses pay taxes, bills and repay loans as they market a product, make payroll and live within the laws of the city.

80 students are needed for this program to run successfully.


Located in Taylor, MI

Simulation: Friday 12/9/2011
Curriculum Begins: 9/19/2011
Registration Deadline: 9/16/2011

EarthWorks is an innovative, hands-on, immersive, simulation experience. Homeschooling student scientists ages 8-11 will work together to restore the life-sustaining levels in four North American habitats!

Students visiting EarthWorks investigate live plants and animals, use state-of-the- art technologies and restore the facility’s ecosystems to life-sustaining levels. They explore 25 different scientific careers in a full-day experience at the EarthWorks facility.

Prior to the visit to EarthWorks students work at home to complete related science unit studies and hands-on projects to immerse themselves in “on-the-job- training.” We suggest the work can be completed reasonably over a ten week period, beginning September 19, 2011 working 2-4 hours a week.

Be a scientist for the day! A crisis is coming to a crescendo in the wetlands! A flood has washed away surface soils and drastic erosion is occurring! Excited young scientists create solutions to save the ecosystem at EarthWorks!

Children become EarthWorks scientists who explore natural habitats and discover ways to conserve our earth. What kind of scientist do you want to be? How about a herpetologist or a hydrologist? Do you want to study mammals, snakes, birds, or fish? Or would you rather study how the earth recycles matter for nutrients? What about spending the day peering through the lens of a microscope and studying the effects that the teeniest, tiniest microorganisms have on the earth? Maybe you would like to be a scientific illustrator or a wildlife biologist.

50 students needed for this program to run successfully. Capacity is 75 students.

For more information, please visit the Exchange City website.  If you have any questions about the new registration process please call 978-741-7449 Monday through Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm.

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