Flint Institute of Arts Homeschool Classes

Flint Institute of Arts Homeschool Classes

Flint-Homeschool-Art-Classes The Flint Institute of Arts announced the beginning of their 2011-2012 Home School Program. They have a series of programs, which you can register for individually or as a group. If you choose to attend for the entire series all the lessons are related and are for a reduced price. You can also choose to visit the museum as part of the Home School Program by choosing individual classes.

Programs offered are:

1) The Elements of Art meets once each month and are a series of lessons based on related themes tied to examples from the permanent collection. Students will tour the collection and focus on pieces that correspond to the studio lesson for the day. There will also be online resources and follow up materials to complete at home after each monthly meeting. The series begins September 19th.

2) The Year of the Bray Programs meet for three consecutive Mondays six times during the year and focuses on the museum’s Bray Collection. Students will tour the Bray Gallery and make projects similar to those that they have just seen and discussed. This Series starts October 24th.

Please visit the Flint Institute of Arts website for more information.

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