Homeschooling Journey: Week 6

Photo by Lindsey Clair

This past week has by far been our most unique of homeschooling experiences.  We took a trip up north for the week and did our homeschooling in our family’s cabin.  It was a blast.  We  took a nature walk in the wonderful woods and collected the most amazing colors and contrasts of leaves that I have ever seen.  The beauty of autumn in Michigan is just breaktaking.

The girls learned about fire pit safety and how to behave around a camp fire.  They got to collect the sticks and help with the wood as they helped their daddy build an awesome fire.  They were awestruck at how quickly a fire can start.   They also got to experience grilling hot dogs on an open camp fire.  I never have seen my girls gobble up a hot dog like I did that day.  They just seem to taste so much better, YUM!  And of course after our yummy hot dog meal we roasted marshmallows and built smores.  They really just enjoyed eating the toasted marshmallows alone.  Not me though, I basically inhaled the gooey goodness of the smores, haha!

We took a short road trip further up state to Mackinac City (one of our most favorite places on earth).  Our oldest daughter (8) got to learn about the history behind this magnificent city.  We usually take a ferry ride over to Mackinac Island but we decided to stay in the city for the day.  One day we would like to go to the fort to really learn some rich history.  Their daddy taught them how to skip rocks.  Yeah, that was a very competitive experience haha.  Our sweet 2 year old even tried skipping a few rocks or two, too cute.

It was all in all a very productive week for our family.  They did some much needed chores up there which was a nice change for them as well.

While we were gone my brother and his wife had their second baby.  It was tough not being in town for the blessed event.  The girls were in love with the pictures that were forwarded to us and got to slightly learn about the miracle of birth.  So it was indeed a very eventful week for all of us.  We did get to rest thank goodness and just enjoy our time together as a family.  We most definitely did not want to return home as we love it so much up there but like they say, “all good things must come to an end.”  We look forward to our next trip up.

It was exciting to be able to just pack the family up and do school anywhere we wanted.  I can honestly say if my girls were still in a brick and mortar setting we most definitely would not have planned this trip so randomly.  The flexibility of homeschooling is by far my favorite of our whole new experience.

The girls still enjoy their co-op classes on Fridays and got to experience their first homeschooling “Fun Day” with Ward Homeschool Fellowship families.  They made kites and had open gym which is nice for all the kids to mingle and create new friendships.

I would love to hear how your homeschooling journey is going.  Please feel free to share your experiences.

~Happy Homeschooling