Homeschooling Journey: Week 9 PLUS creative craft/art ideas

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I can’t believe we are in the final week of October.  This month has definitely breezed by, wouldn’t you say so?  I can’t fathom that Christmas is just around the corner already.  Do you have your Christmas lists ready to go?  If you do, GOOD FOR YOU!  I am just not as motivated to complete my shopping this early on though I know the benefits are very great if you do complete it early.  How about those motivated parents out there who already have their Christmas shopping completed?  If that is you, you rock!  I guess I should worry about getting over the next hump and that being THANKSGIVING!

Homeschooling Week 9

Image by Lindsey Clair

On Monday, October 24th, we took a homeschool field trip to Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Northville.  It was a blast as you can see in one of the pics.  Our Tour Guide did an amazing job with the kids.  In the pic she is showing us how they make chocolate molds.  I believe this one was either a pumpkin or a football (she showed us both).  The kids got to dip their own pretzels and decorate them along with decorating their very own chocolate bar.  It was a yummy time for everyone.  I think that this was our best and favorite homeschool field trip thus far.  Can you say CHOCOLATE?  YUMMM!

That same evening, my two oldest girls (8) and (5) had a costume party at ballet and tap.  They both enjoyed parading around their costumes (A Barbie, and a Princess) and passing around and receiving yummy treats.  A fun time was had by all.

Image by Lindsey Clair

Thursday, October 27th, we took a trip to the pumpkin patch.  We were supposed to have done this last week and just never got around to it.  So in the unpredictable crazy fall Michigan weather we had that day, we just went with gusto and picked our pumpkins.  They had a blast even though their little hands were freezing and we got all muddy.  So much fun, HA HA! When we returned home,  we were excited to see a beautiful rainbow form over our home then slowly turned into a double rainbow.  The girls were beyond excited at the beauty of this rainbow.  You could literally pick out every single color as the sun was hitting it beautifully behind the dark and mysterious clouds.  It was truly awesome.


Image by Lindsey Clair

On Friday, October 28th, was our Palaestra day.  The girls took part in their very first “Pressed Leaves” contest.  The true Palaestra title is “Fall Leafs Me Happy Contest.”  Isn’t that so cute?  They had such a blast with their creation.  I may be partial but their creation turned out amazing!  Pics of their creation along with results will be posted next week.

Are you currently looking for some unique yet fun and creative craft/art project ideas?  Here are a few your children may enjoy.  You can also change it up to make it age appropriate if need be.

Creative Craft/Art Ideas

Drawing Ideas


Painting and Printmaking Projects

Paper and Fabric Arts

Crafts using Clay and Plaster

All of these fantastic projects can be found on

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