Homeschooling Journey: Week 10

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Welcome to November.  Thanksgiving is coming and I am so excited.  I love this time of year as it reminds me to be truly thankful.  As a new homeschooling family, I am on a mission to make sure my children really do understand the meaning behind Thanksgiving as I hear so many just refer to the day as “Turkey” day.  Sure, we have yummy turkey on this day to honor the Pilgrims and Indians of the very first Thanksgiving feast, but I really want them to understand the reasons and importance of being thankful.  I have a few fun learning projects lined up to to reinforce this and can’t wait to post pics when they are completed.  Stay tuned for that.

Homeschooling Week 10

This week was quite challenging for our family.  The flu hit two out of three of my children.  It fortunately did not spread to my oldest daughter or to my husband and thankfully, yours truly.  Can you say disinfect and sanitize?  HA!  Yeah I went a little crazy with that but it seemed to work so far.  My 2 year old got hit the hardest and kept me up three nights in a row.  Well, our schedules most definitely got thrown off and I am so exhausted but I think we are getting right back on track.

The end of our homeschool quarter was on Monday and I got to issue cupcake and sweet pea their homeschool report cards.  They are doing great and I am really proud of them.  The smiles on their faces were so priceless as this was their very first (non-public school) report card.  And yay, no conferences haha!  I guess I just get to talk to myself?  I can handle that.

Sweet pea (8) is currently working on a Laura Ingalls Wilder Lapbook.  It’s coming along splendidly.  When it’s completed I will post pics.  She is so excited to be doing research as she loves Little House on the Prairie books.

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I mentioned last week that the girls entered a leaf contest ( pic on the left) at Palaestra.  Since it was our first time we most definitely did not know what we were up against and my goodness the creativity was beyond amazing.  They unfortunately did not win but received a recognition certificate.  We know now the degree of creativity we can get with this particular contest.  So much fun.

On Tuesday evening, sweet pea started Pioneer Girls Club at Ward Church in Northville.  She just loves it.  I can’t wait to see what comes of it in the months ahead.  Next Tuesday night is father/daughter night.  That should be a fun time for sweet pea and her daddy.

What cause will you be supporting this Thanksgiving with your family?  We will be doing a food pantry for inner-city children and I can’t wait to get my girls involved for the first time.

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