Homeschool Driver’s Ed Classes Now Forming

Homeschool Driver’s Ed Classes Now Forming

homeschool driver's education in michigan Efforts are underway to coordinate another Driver’s Education class for homeschoolers in the Metro Detroit area.

The organizers have utilized the services of Advanced Driving Academy in the past and will use them again for the fall/winter session.  Class coordinators feel that ADA is:

  • High quality, thorough instruction
  • Professional, kind instructors without compromise
  • Scheduling conducive to home school schedules (“school hours” classroom times)
  • Experienced in teaching homeschooled teens & all students in this class would be homeschooled
  • Fairly flexible in ‘rescheduling’ a child who needs to miss an occasional class
  • Input into content of class material (video)
  • Value (quality vs. cost)

The instructors who will be working with students include State Troopers, Local Police Officers and instructors with many years of experience teaching driving classes.

The school boasts a 97% pass rate with the new state test and newer model cars. ADA wants to accommodate any special requirements or requests that homeschoolers may have.

Classes will will meet at the main office ( 44932 Ford Rd ).

The cost is $360 (FOR SEGMENT 1) (which includes all books, there are no additional expenses, for both the student & the parent.)

The segment 2 fee is $55.

For more information, or to express an interest in this class, please contact Debbie C. via email: crockerfamily (at) woway (dot) com.

Lindsey Clair

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