Homeschooling Journey: Week 11


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I’m dreaming of a white, Christmas.”  Okay so not really, not just yet.  I just thought it was fitting with the snow showers that we briefly experienced on Thursday, November 10th in the afternoon/evening.  I am not one for snow (gotta love the post pic right, feeling cold yet?) but I must admit, it sure was pretty to watch.  My girls just couldn’t resist and turned on the radio (100.3 WNIC) for Christmas music to set the mood.  It would have worked but we don’t have our Christmas tree up as of yet, not until Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to our Thanksgiving Day family tradition.  We watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, eat cinnamon rolls and drink hot chocolate all the while putting up our tree and Christmas decorations.  I love that we are creating life long memories for our girls as I remember all of our traditions growing up.

Homeschool week 11

This week by far has been the most unique of our homeschooling journey.  I woke up on Monday morning, November 7th,  with Pink Eye! Ugh!  I was pretty shocked to say the least.  Why?  All my years teaching and working with children I was never infected with this thing and I saw more than enough pink eye to last a lifetime.  Now that I am homeschooling I get Pink Eye? Ha, I know it’s a coincidence I just thought it was pretty comical that it turned out this way.  Anyways, it was a miserable experience which made homeschooling a whole lot more fun let me tell you (sarcastic giggle).  But, we got through it and my eye is better now thanks to good ole’ home remedies.  Baking Soda and water did the trick for me.  I tried a couple other remedies but didn’t seem to really work that well.  It was definitely a learning experience for the girls.  They were told to wash their hands I don’t know how many times that day.

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To add to my pink eye we have been dealing with our precious family pet and the fact he is getting old and pushing through severe arthritis.  It got so bad we thought it was the end for our sweet Alaskan Malamute Bailey, but he is doing well and we will just love on him even if we don’t know when the end will be.  Talk about another experience.  We had to talk about death this week.  It was tough but we got through it.

We are still working on lapbooks and other projects which I will post when they are completed. My oldest daughter took her daddy to father/daughter night at Pioneer Girls held at Ward Church on Tuesday night, November 8th, 2011.  She was just beaming with joy that her daddy was taking her.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

The girls attended their normal Palaestra day and attended WHSF’s Fun Friday.  The children put together a timeline of events, birthdays, etc. that took place on November 11th in years past.  My girls did theirs on the oldest fossils being discovered on November 11, 1988.  They were 350 million years old.  Pretty cool.  They also got to have open gym time with their homeschooling friends and enjoy special surprises provided by WHSF. (Ward Homeschool Fellowship)

Next week, the girls will be learning how to make a decorative cake, I cannot wait to post pics of the outcome.  Have a great weekend!

~Happy Homeschooling