Homeschooling Journey: Weeks 13 and 14

Image by Lindsey Clair

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  It came and went so quickly.  Now our focus is on the Christmas season.  Do you have your Christmas shopping completed?  I am almost done but there is still so much to be done.  Before we know it Christmas will be gone as fast as it came.  Let’s just really take this time to enjoy our families and friends during this time.

Homeschool weeks 13 & 14

Since last week was Thanksgiving I made a decision to just take the full week off.  We hadn’t had any time off since we started the end of August.  Don’t get me wrong, I kept the girls quite busy with Thanksgiving projects, etc.  My oldest (8) completed her Laura Ingalls Wilder Lapbook.  It turned out adorable.  I will post pics next week.  They also had fun making cornucopias out of sugar cones, vanilla frosting, and fruit shaped fruit snacks.  I unfortunately did not get any pictures but here is a link to give you an idea of what they made…Sugar-Cone Cornucopias.  They also made pilgrim hats out of marshmallows, fudge striped cookies, melted chocolate chips, and frosting.  The girls also enjoyed decorating placemats for our family Thanksgiving Feast.  It was a joyous time filled with lots of food.  I feel full again just thinking about it.

Image by Lindsey Clair

This week we started on some Christmas craft fun as you can see in the pics.  Today they did Christmas stocking lacing crafts.  They were $2 a set at Target and absolutely adorable.  I will post pics also next week.  They sprinkled cinnamon on their gingerbread people to give a lovely Christmas smell.  The Wreaths and Christmas tree were just paper craft fun that they thoroughly enjoyed.  I had fun with my creations as well.  It’s just fun to get involved and have a great time too.  Hey, it makes me feel like a kid, how about you?  Ha Ha! Love it!

Fridays they continue with their classes at Palaestra.  We will be starting new classes next month already.  My oldest is thinking of taking weaving or sewing and my (5) year old will be taking a class called “Reading Adventures.”  If you haven’t had a chance to check out Palaestra, please do.  It’s an amazing experience for the homeschooling family as a whole.

Happy Homeschooling!




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