Homeschooling Reflections

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Happy New Year fellow homeschoolers.  This week I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on my homeschooling journey thus far.  I will resume with our journey (week 17) next week as I am making some changes in our schedule this week for the new year.  I hope you take this time to reflect with me on your homeschooling journey whether you are brand new to the adventure or seasoned.  We could all use a time of reflection from time to time.

August 2011

The last week of August we began our homeschooling journey.  Let me just say it was one of the toughest things I have ever faced.  Being a teacher I thought it would not be a problem, boy was I wrong.  The first week was so disorganized and just too long most days.  Behaviors were uncontrollable at times and my sleep patterns were disrupted due to stress.  Did I make the wrong decision?  At that time I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I clearly didn’t know what I was doing and needed to connect with the homeschool community ASAP.  Our first week was VERY dark and discouraging.  Would we be able to adjust?  Was homeschooling right for my family?  Only time would tell.

September 2011

The month of September was our “get hooked into the homeschooling community/get to know each other better month.”  I was very fortunate to have found homeschooling support pretty quickly.  Ward Homeschool Fellowship  of Northville, was a life saver for me as well as Palaestra.  Just those alone helped me meet amazing families to keep me encouraged and focused.  Were things getting easier in our little homeschool?  Heck no!  It seemed harder if anything.  My girls just did not get along and mommy was losing patience and frustrated all the time.  School work was a pain in the neck.  It was until I met a homeschooling mother who told me it will just take the first couple months getting to know each other even if it means putting academics on the shelf for the time being.  Character-building was our new subject for the month.  While I am one not to put things aside we still did academics but shifted it slightly into other things which included character-building.  Was I beginning to see a glimpse of hope?

October 2011

Something most definitely needed to change by the time we hit the good old month of October.  Because I am a former Pre-K teacher, I thrived on lesson plans and tight schedules.  Yes, some of this was good to have but this momma had to learn to be flexible and not be so worried about completing everything in one day.  Oh goodness did I ever struggle with that.  Would it get better?

November 2011

By this point in time I realized that our homeschool days were just too long.  I didn’t know how to just relax at times and my days were just downright stressful and I was becoming a crabby mother whom nobody wanted to be around, poor hubby.  It was at Palaestra I met another mother who told me to try just doing all of our academics in the morning and quitting at noon.  If any work was not completed they could finish it on their own time.  This sounded like the perfect idea and it took so much stress off when I discovered it worked for us! Yahoo, I feel free and happier and my children are happier.  This is where I created a “work” folder for them to place unfinished works in for the afternoon.  Works like a charm.

December 2011

This was by far the funnest month I have ever experienced with my children considering it was our first Christmas as homeschoolers.  We took days to just complete fun Christmas crafts and recipes all the while learning.  I became the most flexible I have ever been and it was a joy being a homeschooling family.  Busy?  Oh yes, there was constantly stuff going on as I am sure you can relate but it was so nice being in control of all of our plans without worrying about this or that.  Would I be ready to start a fresh new year with a fresh perspective on homeschooling? Absolutely! 

January 2012

Well, here we are in the new year and here I am excited to move forward in home education.  So much to do but with all the time in the world, gotta love it!  

Welcome 2012, we are ready to tackle you!  I can say that our little homeschool has come a long way in such a short amount a time.  So very blessed and thankful for this opportunity.

~Happy Homeschooling