2012 Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show at the Cobo Center

The Detroit Kennel Club is very excited to announce the return of their very successful educational program at the 2012 Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows, March 3rd and 4th, at the Cobo Center.

The DKC has created a group program geared toward informing and entertaining children by getting them face-to-face with dogs, breeders and handlers. Not only will kids learn about the various breeds and characteristics of dogs, but they will also see how dogs of all shapes and sizes utilize their special talents to help people every day. The Map of the Stars package includes everything homeschool and scouting groups of any size need to enjoy a fun and enriching day with dogs and dog lovers.

Visit the Detroit Dog Kennel website for more information, including a link on the left-hand side to Group Ticket Information. If you are interested in a terrific opportunity to expose young people to these wonderful animals, simply complete and return the attached form.

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