Homeschooling Journey: Week 21

Who is loving this sunny and slightly warmer weather?  Sense a little hint of sarcasm? Hehe! I know, winter didn’t really hit our state like it usually does but one can only hope we will stay this mild all the way until spring.  Can you believe that technically spring is next month?

Homeschool Week 21

This week was a fun yet busy week in the Clair household.  We got a lot accomplished and just in time for our family trip up north this next week.  We will be taking our homeschooling adventures along for the ride.  So looking forward to a change of scenery and family bonding time.  I will post pics of our trip the following week.

Tuesday, February 7th, we had a busy day.  We did our homeschool schedule out at my mom and dad’s ranch and then attended our first homeschool “gym” day.  All three girls had a blast with that, even Jelly Bean (2.5).  She just ran, ran, ran.  Hey, it’s what toddlers do best right?  She conked out in the car just a few minutes after pulling out of the parking lot.

Wednesday, Februrary 8th, we had a……Pajama Day!  It was a long time coming.  Did we still do schooling?  Yes, a little bit of schooling along with chores and major cleaning of rooms.  It felt good to be productive all the while sporting our jammies.  We also had breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes…YUM!

Thursday, February 9th, we had a Valentine’s Day CRAFT DAY!  It was messy fun but the results turned out to be adorable. We made doily hearts, book marks, and homemade suckers.  We made a ton for family and friends.  The candy suckers turned out to be super cute and very delish!

Friday mornings are always our Palaestra days and the girls thoroughly enjoy attending.  They are learning so much.  I look forward to the day when I can enroll Jelly Bean into a class.  Maybe when she turns 3 for the preschool program, we will see.

Now thinking about it, I need to start researching curriculum for next year.  Who has started their search?  I am thinking about attending a homeschool book fair.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend! See you next week when I talk about our northern adventures.

~Happy Homeschooling