Review: The Mother Company Books About Feelings

Review: The Mother Company Books About Feelings

Sending a big shout out to The Mother Company, from whom I recently received some adorable reading material about preschooler feelings.   These are the people that bring you Ruby’s Studio, a charming little show in the same vein.  View a clip of the show, and see more about the books, here:  “A Little Book About Feelings” and My Feelings Activity Book .

According to the company, these hardback books are aimed at kids age 2-7 and seek to help them “identify, appropriately express and move through their feelings.  They also have an app to match!  You can watch a preview trailer for the app here:

Since my youngest daughter is a five year old that is nearly bursting with emotion, books about feelings are right up her alley.  The first thing she noticed when we opened A Little Book About Feelings, however, was that the illustrations were photographs of felted animals and props.  What lovely and sweet pictures; as a crafty family we certainly appreciated this aesthetic!  I will confess, as we do not watch much commercialized television here we actually had not heard of Ruby’s Studio before now, but are very much interested in seeing more of it now.  This is especially true because of its parallels to creating art.

AV enjoyed the dialog bubbles on each page as well as the message of the story text.  While my AV is a “young five” emotionally – or perhaps she has adult emotions in a child’s body?  The jury is still out on this one – we’ve found that the text was a bit too immature for her and the book even a tad too short.  She clearly enjoyed it, trying to hide her smiles as she usually does when something surprises her with emotion.  But she later declared it a “book for babies” and asked that I read her something else the following evening.  The evening after that, however, I pulled it out again to no objections from her.  Hopefully from what I share about AV you will be able to decide if this book is right for your kindergartner; I personally find it very charming and I am much easier to please than AV.  It seems to be even more perfect for a 2-4 age range, though, and I plan to loan the book to a friend with a toddler to see what a younger child’s reaction will be, so check back for an update on that!

The activity book is also endearing, and I believe it served my AV a bit more.  The age range on this book would be closer to 4-7, especially if the child can read and write (but this is not necessary with help from a parent).  Each page prompts the child to examine a feeling through drawing or filling in a blank with their thoughts.  AV does not read or spell too much yet, but doing the activities with her sister (10) and I brought us a good hour or so of bonding!  Yes, even her older sister found herself filling in the blanks out loud and in the end we were all giggling together.  Anything that brings all of us together in that way is a good thing in my “book”!

Disclosure:  Sara received books from The Mother Company to review.  All opinions and thoughts expressed here are sole those of the author.


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