Homeschooling Journey: Week 26

Who has been adoring this early spring weather? I am super excited for next week’s forecast.  It’s going to be absolutely beautiful.  Welcome Spring!  But, most definitely let us not forget those who have lost their homes in the devastating tornadoes that hit Metro Detroit yesterday.  Our thoughts and prayers are most certainly with them as they rebuild and get back on their feet.

Homeschool Week 26

This was was a fun week for the Clair Clan. We did a lot of our homeschool journey in the great outdoors. It was just perfect.  Earlier this week we did a couple St. Patrick’s Day crafts. They weren’t too involved like our Valentine crafts but I must say they did turn out cute.  We also snuck over to McDonald’s and enjoyed a shamrock shake, yum!  This was a definite treat for the girls since we never eat at McDonald’s.

As you can see in the pic we had fun with the most sweetest horse I have ever met. His name is Smokey and belongs to my parents. They also have a mini horse named Dustin but he is such a little stinker. Cute, but a stinker.  I will post a pic of him some other day.

Next week we will be taking a few days off from our homeschooling journey.   We haven’t had much time off since we started and thought it would be a great opportunity to do so.

Hope to see you many of you at the Homeschool Book Fair in Farmington Hills tomorrow.  I am greatly looking forward to it.  Time to whip out the check book, haha.  I know I am hoping to find great deals to get us started for next year.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

~Happy Homeschooling