4-H Exploration Days

4-H Youth Exploration Days is an excellent opportunity for 4-H youth to try out living on a college campus as well well as learning many new things about selected project areas.

At 4-H Exploration Days, you’ll learn new ideas and skills that will make you think about careers AND teach you something you can use back home, get involved and learn by doing, try things that aren’t available in your county, build new relationships with people from across the state, and have the entire Michigan State University campus right at your fingertips!

Because spaces are limited in each session, participants are encouraged complete their registration and submit it to the 4-H office as soon as possible.  When completing your session form, be sure to indicate 8 different selections to avoid **further delays should your first few choices be filled.
For more information, please visit the 4-H website.

If you should have any questions you may contact: Sue Stapleton klkb624@gmail. com <staple25@msu. edu> at 248.858.0894 or the Oakland County 4-H Office 248.858.0889.