Homeschooling Journey: Weeks 29 and 30


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I hope everyone had an amazing Easter and hopefully you and your family enjoyed some much needed time off.  Because I didn’t post last week I  will be talking about our homeschool adventures last week and this week.  On top of our busy schedule we did enjoy family time away from homeschooling.  It was a blast!

Homeschool Week 29

Since last week was the week of Easter, we of course did a lot of crafts in honor of it.  We made stain glass Easter eggs out of construction paper and tissue paper, crosses, and of course we had to jump on board the tradition of dying Easter eggs.  I have always done this prior to homeschooling.  It’s just really fun to see how each Easter egg turns out differently.

The girls also earned Easter basket fun.  We try not to do too much candy as we want those smiles to stay healthy and fantastic!  But, it’s always fun to see those smiles as we laid their baskets out on the table so it was the first things the girls saw on Easter morning.  So priceless!

Sweet Pea's latest fashion creation

Sweet Pea (9) really jumped on board finishing her fashion design project from Palaestra.  As you can see her design turned out wonderfully.  She added the lace detail the end of last week and she couldn’t be prouder.  I think she sews better than me now, ha!

Homeschool Week 30

This week has been a slower week.  As new homeschoolers I was trying to decide if we were doing spring break or not.  We ended up taking Good Friday off and the Monday after Easter off.  We did schooling on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We took Thursday off as their grandma and grandpa surprised them with a sleepover Wednesday afternoon.  My husband and I of course cleared the rest of the day and went shopping and on a dinner date.  It was greatly needed and such a blessing.

Because it’s spring break there was no dance, Palaestra, or other events this week.  I have loved the calmness but we will most definitely be ready to jump in full speed this coming Monday.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

~Happy Homeschooling!

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  • She did a wonderful job on her Barbie’s dress! 🙂 My daughter also likes to make her dolls clothing. ( I like how much money it has saved me on doll clothes lol ) I can hardly believe Easter has come and gone. Time flys by way to fast I think. ~> we are also home-schoolers. I just love it! I also love reading other people home-school blogs 🙂 So interesting to see how different people do things compare to me. We are very eclectic homeschoolers I think and relaxed. I love online curriculums like Time4Learning and schooling year round so I can do less days a week 😉 We also like to road school it a bit from time to time.
    ~>I look forward to following your homeschool journey for many weeks to come.

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