Homeschooling Journey Week 31: Life Experiences

I dedicate this homeschool post to our sweet family dog Bailey. You will be missed buddy!

Homeschool Week 31

Our family dog, Bailey. R.I.P. buddy!

This past week has been a very emotional week for my family. We had to say goodbye to our family dog of 12 years. His name was Bailey. He was an Alaskan Malamute and the sweetest dog you would ever meet but, I may just be a little partial.  As you can see in the pic he was a large dog but he was a delight.  I always called him my bear rug.

The past few months we started preparing ourselves because of his age and the severe arthritis he was experiencing.   If you know anything about Malamutes you know their life span varies based on size. We had to sit down with our girls, the two older ones anyway, and talk about life and death and what Bailey would be facing. Ugh, talk about a life experience not only for my girls but for myself as a parent.  I am sure I can speak for my husband as well.

These past few months Bailey had been on dog medication to minimize his pain and the vet said we would just know when it was time to have him put to sleep. Talk about a sock in the stomach. On Monday, the medication just seemed to not be working anymore and he would whimper a lot.   He stopped eating by Tuesday and just could not get comfortable anymore. He would limp in pain especially, at night.

Thursday at 1:00 am in the morning he just went further downhill and seemed to be going out of his mind. My husband and I had to sit up with him all night has he paced the house like crazy in pain and panting heavily. We decided then that later in the morning we would have to say our goodbyes and take him in.

This is where it got tricky and a life experience I will never, ever forget.  We had to wake the girls up and then sat them down to tell them what was going to happen.  Oh the heartache and tears.  At this point, precious Bailey could not walk anymore.  We just loved on him and said our goodbyes.  My poor husband carried him with all his strength to the car and left alone.  Ugh, it was so heartbreaking and my husband had the strongest bond with Bailey so you can imagine the hurt he was experiencing.  The girls saw their daddy cry and that was really tough but I believe it was good for them as they don’t ever see him cry.  So this was another life experience learning that everyone, even boys, experience sadness and heartache.

It is hard not seeing Bailey around the house and the girls had to cross feeding him and giving him water off their chore charts.  We expect to see him lying around but he’s not there.  Last night, I went to lock up the doors but routine is to let Bailey outside to do his business then lock up.  I went to call his name but the reality hit, he wasn’t here.

Cup Cake (5), is slightly on the confused side as she thinks he’s coming home after he “wakes” up.  Sweet Pea (9), is taking it pretty hard and our little preschooler, well she keeps asking where he is?  Ugh, being a parent is so difficult sometimes.

We did do some homeschooling this week.  I will be posting a new project we will be working on starting next week.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

~Happy Homeschooling

One thought on “Homeschooling Journey Week 31: Life Experiences

  • Anne M. Kerr


    Saying good-bye to a pet is the hardest thing ever. We had a Westie named Kellie. She also had arthritis and we had to send her to heaven when she was 15. I still tear up thinking about that sad day that took place 10 years ago. She was a sweet girl and I am glad she was a part of our family.

    Then there was Nesha. A big beautiful white mix…we will never know her background. Nesha died of cancer about 4 years after Kellie. Another pup waiting for us in heaven above.

    Now we have a Silky Terrier named Diego and a rescue dog Clare who we think is a long hair chihuahua-yorkie mix. These two pups complete our family and are so much fun. We love them dearly.

    Blessings to your family as you grieve the loss of Bailey.


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