Homeschooling Week 33: Tree Planting

Happy weekend everyone!  Can you believe the little heat wave that we had? We actually had to turn on the air.  I personally enjoy the summer weather but my husband might beg to differ.  We are like night and day when it comes to temperatures.  I love the heat, he loves the cold.  So yes, you can guess he did not like this heat wave we experienced especially since he chose to cut the grass.  So glad that he did though considering the wild thunderstorm that rolled through.  Yay, summer is coming!

Homeschool Week 33

If you remember I posted early last week since we took a homeschooling trip up north.  We always stay at my in-laws cabin and property just outside of Gaylord.  It’s on 10 acres back in the woods and just beautiful.  On this particular trip the girls learned a lot about the different types of trees and even replanted one to a different location on the property.

It was very educational and exciting for the girls as their daddy taught them this particular lesson.  They learned about saplings and seedlings.  Daddy even quizzed them afterwards and they remembered everything.  To my amazement they were pretty intrigued by it all.  Hands on was definitely key instead of learning about them in some text book.  Now that alone can be on the boring side.  I remember being bored by reading and looking at pictures of trees.  It’s way better to see them and touch them.  It made the learning experience more exciting.  They even counted a few tree rings on the stumps.  It was cute as they tried to figure out how old a few of the trees actually are.

We are looking forward to another homeschool trip back up north in just a couple of short weeks.  My husband has the week off this time so we will be staying a little longer and enjoying nature on top of a little bit of curriculum learning.

As you can see in the pic in the beginning of this post, Cup Cake (5.5) is almost finished with her paper dolls from around the world.  They are turning out really cute and she has been eager to learn about each country with outfit and doll.  She almost remembers the name of each country.

We just celebrated Sweet Pea’s 9th birthday on May 2nd.  We took her out to her favorite restaurant, IHOP.  They sang to her and gave her a free ice cream sundae, yum!  She only got one present from us because she is going to be getting a big one on Sunday at her family party.  I am so pumped about this gift.  I won’t share it as of yet as it is a surprise, shhh.  I will post pics next week revealing her gift.  She has been wanting this for 2 years and is so passionate about it we just couldn’t help but get family in on it to cut down the cost.  Oh the suspense haha!

Sweet Pea also earned her rights to co-ownership of my mom’s horse Smokey.  She works hard in the stables and helps take care of him when she can.  My parents presented her with a certificate stating the ownership, isn’t that great?  She is currently learning horse safety and is having a few riding lessons.  She is gearing up to do a presentation at our Homeschool Pony Camp on May 25th.   I will also be posting pics on that as well.

Jelly Bean (3 on May 13th), is still a very busy bee.  She is talking up a storm and forming her words to make sentences very well.  She is almost completely potty trained yay! She is an absolute joy just like her sisters.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

~Happy Homeschooling