Homeschooling Journey: Week 34

This week has been a week of birthday fun not only for my now 9 year old Sweet Pea, but also for Jelly Bean, who will be 3 years old on the 13th!  I can’t believe it, where does the time go?  Cup Cake (5.5), is getting a little envious of all of this attention but I assured her that her time will come this September 1st when she turns 6!

Homeschool Week 34

As you can see in the pics, her amazing birthday cake was made by a very close friend of mine.  It’s a Stardoll cake.  Stardoll is a fashion design wesbite for young girls.  Sweet Pea was so in love with this cake.  No one wanted to cut it, would you want to? Haha

Sweet Pea opened probably one of the best birthday gifts in all her 9 years.  I had the grandparents and her aunt and uncle go in on this one.  An American Girl doll!  As many of you know these dolls do not come cheap and I didn’t feel that this would be a practical gift just from us (mommy and daddy).  But, if other family members could chip in it would be perfect and worth it.  Boy, was it ever!  I videoed her opening and screaming with excitment at this gift.  Now, it wasn’t just a normal girly scream!  I can hardly describe it but the love and gratefulness that came out of her heart caused all the women in the room to tear up.  Sweet Pea even cried with thankfulness.  She has been inseparable with this doll ever since.  We got her the “Me Doll” one customized to resemble her.  So cute and sweet.  She is now determined to save up her monies to purchase accessories for it.  Oh, she named her doll Kaden.

On top of her suprise birthday cake and doll, one of her best friends showed up making it a truly special day!  It was all around a very rememberable day for a very special 9 year old.  We are very proud and blessed.

Jelly Bean hasn’t quite yet received any gifts but she has made it very clear in her preschool vocabulary that she wants cake with strawberries on it and a baby doll!  So easy and sweet right?  Love it!  We will be blessing her this Sunday with those simple little things.

Did we get any homeschooling done?  Haha, for sure but I am excited to say we are winding down out of the curriculum’s!  We should be done completely by the middle of June and starting enrichment.  I just can’t believe it! I guess I need to start ordering the next homeschool year’s curriculum, yikes!

Today was our last day at Palaestra!  What a milestone.  We ended our first homeschool adventure for the year.  It feels great and we can’t wait to return in September.  Sweet Pea is a little heartbroken as her fashion design dress she had worked so hard on has vanished.  It was hanging on the board for the art show last night and we still saw it on there this morning.  Just before we left it was gone, ugh.  Not sure what happened to it but hoping someone returns it.  Sweet Pea is determined to exercise the sewing skills she has obtained and move forward with making another one.  At least we have pictures as a memory!  Still a proud momma.

Have a blessed weekend everyone and…..

~Happy Homeschooling