Homeschool Art: Summer Rhythm Rainbow

Homeschool Art: Summer Rhythm Rainbow

Homeschool Art: Summer Rhythm Rainbow

Okay fellow homeschoolers, now is about the time of year when the world around us is teeming with the anticipation of doing all the amazing things we tend to take for granted all year.   What makes me say this, you wonder?  Before I answer that I first need to officially remind you all of something:

You can follow me {Sara leBowla Granola} and {Homeschooling In Detroit} on Pinterest!   Did you know that I have a hard time posting blog entries here because I spend so much of my time actually doing the crafts and activities that I find on Pinterest?  True Story!  It would be a very good idea for you to pop over and check out my boards sometime, if you haven’t already.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.  Although I fully intend to post more about the fun crafts we do, you can see where I get some of my inspiration from right now without the wait!

Now that I’ve brought up the amazing world of Pinterest, I can mention the “summer bucket list” pins that I’m sure you’ve seen there.  Basically these pins link to the lists of fun activities that conventional-schooling families hope to accomplish before school starts again.  There are plenty of great classic ideas for summer fun in each list I’ve seen, but in some ways they all feel out of touch to the homeschoolers I know.  It seemed that many of the things listed were activities that the homeschoolers I know already do often – either in our free time (which we have so much more of comparatively) or specifically related to our homeschooling:  Go bowling; see a dollar movie during the week; hit the library weekly; explore every local museum.  For a while I couldn’t figure out why the lists rubbed me so wrong.  Could it be that they evoke the sense that kids on summer holiday still need their activities inspired or directed?  Perhaps a little but then, many homeschool kids would benefit from that as well from time to time.  I think it was more likely that I was seeing lists for younger kids, yet yearning for fresh ideas for the slightly older kid crowd to go along with the timeless classics.  Here, I updated my original Rhythm Rainbow with this Summer version – and created a corresponding Pinterest Board so you can easily find links to all these ideas and more!

The Rainbow is very loosely categorized, just for fun (plus AV still enjoys asking “what color are we in?”)

The Red Arc represents some new projects, crafts, things to make and perhaps new sports to try

The Orange Arc represents places we love to go in summer, specific things to see, and trips already planned

The Yellow Arc shows a group of three balloons, as AV requested to represent “parties”, although I think I didn’t draw them too well!  The WV refers to the day camp we are setting up with other homeschool friends, so some of the activity ideas I have for that are written here – but really all things on the board have the potential to be shared with friends.

The Green Arc includes nature and garden-related ideas.  We are outside all year-round but there are a few things here we haven’t tried yet and hope to work on this year

The Blue Arc is of course water-related.  We are a family that adores the water and we always like coming up with new ways to make water memories.  Since we have plenty of beaches to choose from here in Metro Detroit, which is your favorite?

The Purple Arc shows just a few of the fun night activities we hope to do under the warm skies this summer – flash-light tag Hunger-Games style for the older kids, and sky lanterns for all.  Ask me about the homeschooler camp-out in August!


Click on the photo to see it larger

All families will differ of course and I’m sure what is on my list may be old news to some of you, but we can’t wait to welcome the warmer weather with these and many more.  I would really love to hear what your plans are for this summer.  And please don’t just post “camping and swimming”.  Inspire me!  Give me details!  Will you join us at some of the local events, such as Tall Trees Festival or the Rainbow Run, or perhaps the Renaissance Festival?  If you have a question about any of the things on my board leave it and your ideas in the comments.


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