Homeschool Journey Week 37: Mini Field Trip

Image by Lindsey Clair

Wow, week 37!  June 20th will mark the end of our very first homeschool year, yay!  It has been a definite roller-coaster ride on this homeschooling journey.  I look forward to posting about our summer adventures next.

Homeschool Week 37

Image by Lindsey Clair

Since our curriculum is winding down we have been able to do more hands on learning.  This past week took a visit to the Country Cat Clinic/Horse Farm across the street from my parent’s ranch.  My mom was horse sitting for a few days while the owners had to take off on a business trip.  So, as you can see we got to have a nice view of the horses.  Absolutely gorgeous.  The girls were so intrigued at their sizes.  One of the horses just had a baby (foal).  She was so sweet and the mother didn’t seem to mind we were there.  She let us pet her.  My mom mentioned that usually the mother will push the baby out of the way so that no one can go up to her.  The girls felt pretty special about that.

We got a free tour of the horse training area, all the stalls, and even the birthing stall.  The pastures seemed to go on for miles.  It you have horse lovers in your home, this was horse heaven.  In one field there were 4 Phillie’s (pic to the left).  They came running up to us all spunky and full of life.  Sweet Pea (9), can imitate the sound of a young horse so they were responding to her.  It was so cute.

Image by Lindsey Clair

The girls looked so tiny compared to these Thoroughbreds.  There was also a Stallion.  They were all just so beautiful and so exciting.  They watched everything that we did.  At one point 5 of them came running up from the pasture thinking it was feeding time.  Wow, it sounded like a major stampede.  Very intimidating but very exciting.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there was also a pregnant horse.  I saw movement in her belly, talk about wow!

We also got a brief glimpse of the Country Cat Clinic.  Funny thing is we only saw one cat the whole time we were there.  This cat seemed to be curious by our presence and followed us everywhere.  We briefly met the Veterinarian and the receptionist.  I have never been to a clinic designed specifically just for cats.  Very interesting.

What was the most memorable homeschool field trip you took with your children this year?  I would love to hear about your adventures.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

~Happy Homeschooling