Reflections of a Homeschooling Mom Week 8

Well, time for this homeschooling mom of three to be honest and reflect on our recent homeschooling adventures.  When the new year started, it seemed to be going fine until I hit a “wall” so to speak.  Still being kind of new to this journey things have kind of taken a turn leaving me clueless to what I am going to do next.

What in the world changed?  Who here has felt like they have failed in the “curriculum” department?  How about facing behavior struggles because of age gaps?  Ugh, this is me right now.  I am also learning a lot about myself these days.  My husband pointed out that I am too hard on myself and expect way too much.  Also, being a former early childhood teacher, I am stuck in tight lesson plans and routines.  I  just don’t know how to break myself of this making it very difficult to look for something else.  I have stuck with A Beka since day one because I am familiar with it in the brick and mortar setting.  It’s a wonderful curriculum, but not so much for my multi-age crew.  It’s just not working and allowing flexibility.  It worked great last year when I was teaching Sweet Pea for third grade, but now I have a fourth grader, first grader and preschooler and it’s all just not working out as I was hoping.

A few seasoned families I have come in contact with have suggested multi-age unit studies.  I am still considering this route, but again because of my “teacher stubborness” it feels like it’s just not enough.  Arrghhh.  How do I break myself of this mentality?  A fellow homeschooling friend had suggested me a good read: Deschooling Gently by Tammy Takahashi.  I had downloaded it on my Kindle last year and read it during my “honeymoon” phase of homeschooling so-to-speak.  Now, I am in a place where I need to re-read this book and really take notes.  Not only do I need to deschool my children, I obviously need to deschool myself.  This book is a “step by step guide to fearless homeschooling.”  Boy, am I in need of this.  Here are a few of the many topics this book covers:

  • Deschooling mom
  • Deschooling kids
  • Looking at curriculum in a different way
  • Out-of-the-box curriculum
  • What if my child misses something
  • Self-Discovery instead of education

and much more.

This book is definitely causing my eyes to be opened and I am hoping to find something that will work for my family real soon without breaking the bank.  I am going to use A Beka for the rest of the year as a supplement as not to waste hard earned money.  I still haven’t figured out what’s going to come next, but I guess it comes with the territory.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for this frazzled homeschooling mom, I will be so grateful.  I am in need of something for multi-age and not on the very expensive end.  I am learning just because it’s super expensive, doesn’t mean it’s great.

How are you doing in your homeschool?  Have you faced any new challenges or obstacles?

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Reflections of a Homeschooling Mom Week 8

  • I cannot say enough about Heart of Dakota!!! I just LOVE this program. Good luck 🙂

  • Lindsey,
    I so understand where you are! We are using Five In a Row and love it. Check out anything by Mary Hood. She is excellent! Blessings

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