Free Lesson Plans: Snowmen at Night

Free Lesson Plans: Snowmen at Night

Title:Snowmen at Night
Author: Caralyn Beuhner
Illustrator: Mark Buehner
Ages: 5 & up
Description (from Amazon): Have you ever built a snowman and discovered the next day that his grin has gotten a little crooked, or his tree-branch arms have moved? And you’ve wondered . . . what do snowmen do at night? This delightful wintertime tale reveals all! Caralyn Buehner’s witty, imaginative verse offers many amusing details about the secret life of snowmen and where they go at night, while Mark Buehner’s roly-poly snowmen are bursting with personality and charm. From the highly successful team that created such winning titles as Fanny’s Dream, Snowmen at Night is fabulous, frosty, and fun!


This lesson is a wonderful compliment to our free Winter Theme Unit study.  Children will learn about personification, rhyming words and talk about why snowmen really look different the next day.

Discussion Points:

Ask your student the following questions:

  • Point out that the snowmen drink “ice cold cocoa.”  Ask you child why it’s not “steaming hot cocoa?”
  • Why do snowmen really look different the next day?
  • Did you notice the rhyming words in this story?  Can you remember them?  What are some of your favorite rhyming words?
  • Explain that giving life to inanimate objects is called “personification.” Point out different objects in the room and ask your child what it would say if it could talk.


  • Learn more about personification
  • Use this free printable Snowman Writing Paper to:
    • Write your own story about what snowman do at night
    • Write a story about another inanimate object
  • Go outside and build a snowman!  Take a picture of it (or draw one) and then take a look at it the next day and note any changes.
  • Print and complete this Rhyming Words Worksheet (2nd grade & up) or play a rhyming game (kindergarten & up)
  • Make snowman puppets (below) and put on a play about what snowmen do at night in your neighborhood



Snowmen at Night Free Lesson Plans

Snowman Puppets

You will need:

Snowman Puppet Materials



Print & cut out the template.  Trace the body onto white foam, the hat onto black foam and the scarf onto any color you choose.  Cut a nose from orange foam.

Snowman Puppet Step 1

Glue the cut out piece & buttons onto the front of the puppet and draw on a smile.

Snowman Puppet Step 2

Turn the puppet over and glue the dowel to the back.

Snowman Puppet Step 3

Have fun with your snowmen!

Other notes:

  • You can use felt and make hand puppets by enlarging the template and cutting out a second body (for the back).
  • Instead of using scraps of foam, use scraps of fabric, ribbon or anything else you have on hand.
  • Make an entire snowman family by reducing or enlarging the pattern.


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