A Tribute to Rosa Parks Performance in Dearborn

A Tribute to Rosa Parks Performance in Dearborn

This is a wonderful way to bring Detroit History alive for your children.  Check out the group rates below, too, if you’re interested in organizing a field trip with your homeschool group.

In 1955, pride was a dangerous thing for blacks to have. With the threat of violence, brutality and death, it was obvious why most didn’t speak out. But on December 1st 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. By making the decision to keep her seat, she was actually taking a stand. And in doing so, she changed the course of American history.

“This gripping one-woman show delves into the story behind the prominent figure in the Civil Rights Movement whose legacy still lives on today, giving the audience a look into the sentiments of Mrs. Parks’ inciting incident and the events that followed thereafter.”

February 28, 2013 • 7:00 PM
Ford Community and Performing Arts Center
Dearborn, Michigan

General Admission – $14.00 • Groups of 20+ – $10.00

For tickets, please visit the Tribute to Rosa Parks Eventbrite registration.

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