Homeschooling Journey Weeks 22 and 23

Homeschooling Journey Weeks 22 and 23

Winter has most definitely made its appearance here in good ole’ Michigan.  Stay tuned for more snow.  Apparently we are supposed to get more snow tonight and into tomorrow morning.  I read that north of us is going to get a foot or more of snow, yikes!  While this wouldn’t be an issue for me since we are south of the state, we do have plans to head up north tomorrow night for our northern homeschooling adventures trip.  I guess we will be playing it by ear.

Last week and this week have been pretty busy.  Sometimes I feel like it’s so hard to keep up.  But, we are making do and just swinging through our schedules.  This mom still has a hard time with being flexible.  Being a teacher, I am still used to those rigid lesson plans, etc.

All three girls have been staying up with all of the important subjects.  Extra-curricular activities have been occupying our time as well: Dance, gymnastics, piano, Pioneer Girls, Homeschool Connections classes, and now one more thing will be added to our schedule.  I just signed Cup Cake (6) up for the homeschool vocal music program on Mondays.  She is super excited as we are trying to build her confidence in this area.  Vocal talents run strong in both sides of our family.

Jelly Bean (3.5), has been testing me these days, but she’s a preschooler, it’s expected right? Ahhh!  She wants to do everything her sisters are doing.  She’s definitely a busy bee.  Trying to stay up with her early learning has been a challenge.  I am considering one year of preschool next year just so I can keep my focus.  When she’s ready for kindergarten, I will start homeschooling her again.  Preschoolers are so hands on and busy, they need constant attention.  I know better as a former pre-k teacher.  I don’t want to be selfish in this.  I will be examining this on a daily basis in the days ahead.  I think she will be happier too.  She deserves to be a preschooler and be around other children. Ugh, definitely torn here.  Since the Newport shooting, I have been on the hesitant side of things as far as public schooling, etc.  I am sure it will all work out.  I will keep you posted on my decision.

If we don’t get snowed in up north next week, haha, I will post pics of our adventures the following week.  The girls are hopeful that there will be a ton of snow to play with.  I don’t think they will have anything to worry about, haha.

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a group of homeschooling buddies.  They will be passing out Valentine’s and will be creating fun crafts and eating yummy treats.  Should be a fun time.  It will be our first Valentine’s party with strictly homeschoolers.   Can’t wait!

Stay warm everyone and happy homeschooling!


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