Homeschooling Journey Weeks 26 and 27

Homeschooling Journey Weeks 26 and 27


Welcome to March!  Yay, spring is coming.  I am super excited!  Last week and this week has been pretty calm.  We have been finishing up our Michigan map project.  I am hoping for it to be completed within two weeks or so, so that we may be able to post it on Pure Michigan’s Facebook page.  It’s looking awesome, can’t wait to share a pic with you.

All three girls got to participate in the PAWS for Reading program at the library this past Saturday.  Originally, it was Cup Cake’s (6) turn as we signed up for that date, but there was a cancellation which allowed Sweet Pea (9.5) to fill in that spot.  Of course Jelly Bean (3.5) had to jump in on the fun.  The trainer let her tell stories through pictures since she is still in the very early reading stage.  The dog’s name is Molly.  She is a Sheepdog and super cool.  So sweet, as you can see in the pic below.  We wanted to bring her home with us, haha!  Especially, since we are missing having a family dog around.  Our sweet Alaskan Malamute of 13 years (Bailey) will be gone for a year now next month.  So crazy.  We are counting the days when we can get a dog again.  The girls are sure missing it.

Tonight, we will be going to family night at Sweet Pea’s gymnastic center.  We will be signing her up for the final session of the year and Gym Fest where she will perform a routine to showcase all of the the skills she learned throughout the year.  So proud of her.  The next couple of months should be interesting as we will also be getting ready for dance and piano recitals, choir, etc.  Busy but fun times.

I am still scouting out other curriculum ideas for next fall.  I really want something that is multi-age, but allows room for flexibility to add on or take away what we need to.  I’m thinking Heart of Dakota might be something we try.  A Beka is working as a supplement for us as of now as we continue to branch out and try new things.

I’m contemplating putting Jelly Bean (3.5) into preschool next year so that I may focus on her sisters yet give her the education and socialization she deserves.  I only have  a couple of weeks until registration to decide to wing it or not.  The awesome thing about this particular preschool is that they will allow us to use the lobby (in the church) to do our homeschooling while she is in class only two morning sessions a week for two and a half hours.  How awesome is that?  Cuts down on driving time.  There will not be anytime wasted as well.  Time to think, crunch numbers, and plan…..hmmmm.

Stay tuned for an upcoming book review/giveaway here on Homeschooling in Detroit.  I am hoping to have that up and running tomorrow or Monday.

Until next time…..

Happy Homeschooling!

Lindsey Clair

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