Alpha-Phonics Beginning Readers Curriculum Giveaway

Do you have a beginning reader?  I am so excited to share with you an excellent new phonics program for early readers.  My middle daughter is in the “beginning reading” stage, so I thought this would be perfect for her.  I look forward to using this with my preschooler as well.  The name of this phonics curriculum is Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers by Samuel L. Blumenfeld.

This curriculum is made up of:

  • Alpha-Phonics and How to Tutor Companion Workbook
  • The Original Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers
  • Alpha-Phonics CD ROM
  • Apha-Phonics DVD (Explanatory Video)

The Alpha-Phonics Primer for beginning readers is “complete with teacher’s manual and lesson plan!”

Here is what the material covers:

  • Alphabetic System
  • Teaching the Alphabet
  • Teaching the Letter Sounds
  • Some Practical Suggestions
  • Isolating the Letter Sounds
  • English Alphabetic System
  • Introducing Cursive, including Cursive Alphabet
  • Prereading Alphabet Exercises

The tutor companion workbook consists of the order of lessons.  Details of how to use the CD ROM program is included in the Alpha-Phonics books.

Since we are approaching the summer months, I will be taking this time to do a lot of early reading with my preschooler and my soon to be second grader.  I am so excited that it teaches the alphabet and sounds and introduces cursive to those who are ready for that challenge.

Another great thing about this reading curriculum is it’s Cathy Duffy’s 1oo Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum!  Awesome!

In honor of this awesome reading curriculum, we are giving away a set to one of our readers.  To learn more about Alpha-Phonics, view this video.

For a list of prices for the curriculum, visit here.

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6 thoughts on “Alpha-Phonics Beginning Readers Curriculum Giveaway

  • We do not have a reading program right now. I bought the 100 easy lessons to reading and it was a flop. I am just about to pull my hair out strand by strand trying to teach my 7 year old to read.

  • kelly tillotson


    ive downloaded the bearenstain bears curriculum from enchanted homeschool (its free) but as for a real beginning reading program, i dont have one yet for my little guy

  • Heather


    We use Spell to Write and Read, but it is pretty intense and my youngest active little boy just isn’t ready for the focus and motor skills needed. I’ve heard great things about this as a precursor to the more intense spelling/phonics of SWR…

  • Kimberly


    I looked into Phonics Pathways, but decided against it. Alpha-Phonics sounds like it would be great for my girls.

  • Rebecca


    Working with my 5YOS to read right now and this would definitely be helpful.

  • Cathy


    We are currently using “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” by Siegfried Engelmann, Phyllis Haddox and Elaine Brunner. It’s quite dry so I liven it up a bit with the white board. My oldest, 5 1/2 is learning despite his own disbelief and my youngest 3 1/2 is starting the lessons as well. It should take us through the summer. I’d love to dig into Alpha-Phonics to compare the two styles.

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