Exploring Creativity with Model Rocket Kits

Exploring Creativity with Model Rocket Kits

Does your child love anything related to science including aerospace, specifically rockets?  There is a pretty cool site that you and your child may enjoy exploring, especially if you like building and creating together.

JonRocket.com sells model rocket kits, parts, and accessories to get your creative juices flowing.  They are currently having a model rocket sale that might spark your interest.  What types of kits do they sell?  The model kits are based on the type of manufacturer, skill level, and style.  For example,  the Red Eye Model Rocket Kit is manufactured by Semroc.

To determine if the rocket model kit meets your child’s skill level, check the box for this info:

  • RTF/ARF -Ready to fly and almost ready to fly model rocket kits.
  • Beginner-Kits for Beginners (Skill Level 1)
  • Experienced-Kits for Experienced Builders (Skill Level 2)
  • Advanced-Kits for Advanced Builders (Skill Level 3)
  • Expert-Kits for Expert Builders (Skill Level 4 and up)

Model Rockets come in different styles:

  • Bulk
  • Classic Clones
  • Cluster
  • Contest Models
  • D/E Powered
  • Extra-Long
  • F/G Powered
  • Futuristic
  • Glider Recovery
  • Helicopter Recovery
  • MicroMaxx
  • Military
  • Multi-Stage
  • Odd-Rocs
  • Payload Carriers
  • Saucers
  • Scale Models
  • Small
  • Sport Fliers
  • Tube/Box Fins

The manufacturers range from BMS Model Rocket Kits to Rocketarium Model Rocket Kits. 11 manufacturers total sold by JonRocket.

What’s your child favorite model rocket?  Feel free to share your creative model ideas with us.

Lindsey Clair

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