Free Homeschool Photo ID Cards Ends 9/30/13

Fellow homeschoolers!  Between now and September 30th (or while supplies last), you can order Homeschool ID Cards absolutely free!  Shipping and Handling included.  No strings attached!

I can vouch for this as I placed my orders and the balance was at zero.  Yay, love freebies!  Allow 2-4 weeks delivery of your homeschool ID cards.

The site offering this amazing freebie is AlphaCard.  AlphaCard believes that “Every student should have a real student ID card, but homeschooled students don’t usually  have access to them.”  They decided to offer it to all homeschooling families for a limited time!  How cool is that?

The process is simple.  First, click the link to start ordering your homeschool ID cards. On the right hand side you can choose from 4 card designs:

  • Chalkboard
  • Aqua Burst
  • Books
  • Red Apple

I chose the chalkboard design for my girls.  After choosing your design, you enter student ID information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Homeschool Name (Optional)
  • Grade
  • State

Then you simply upload a photo of your child.  You may need to crop and then upload to get best results.

Finally, you enter shipping address and review order before submitting!  You go through the process again to add other children.  It was super easy!  Can’t wait for our homeschool photo ID cards to arrive!    The grades you can choose from are K-12!  I was hoping it included a Pre-K for my little one so she wouldn’t feel left out, but that’s okay.  Next year she will get to have her own.

Hurry and order yours now. Remember, it’s free!


3 thoughts on “Free Homeschool Photo ID Cards Ends 9/30/13

  • Golda Smith


    Just curious as to why a home schooled child would need a photo ID?

  • It also sometimes helps for high schoolers to have it as a form of picture I.D. And, to create legitimacy when out during school hours for authorities (police, truancy issues).

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