Learning to Bake


I know it has been a little while since I lasted posted here on Lindsey’s Journey.  I was originally busy planning and prepping our new school year and now adjusting to it.  Who can relate? Haha!  Our schedule also includes Jelly Bean (4) attending preschool Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Yay!  It’s great to be able to homeschool my other two girls in the same building while she is in class.  It’s just so awesome and working out very well.  No time wasted!  Okay, now onto homeschool business……

In my search for healthier food options including sweet treats, I came across Duncan Hines Simple Mornings muffins at Kroger!  Kelly was eager to make them as part of a cooking/baking lesson.

I am usually one to cook with natural ingredients.  I even bake cakes, etc. from scratch when time allows as it is healthier.  Because we are sometimes lacking that extra time, I had to compromise.

I found a no high fructose corn syrup and whole grain triple chocolate chunk muffin mix.  Because Kelly is fairly new to the baking world, I wanted to start simple with a box mix.

Simple Mornings asks for 2 eggs, oil, and water! It also has no preservatives and contains all natural ingredients!  This mom was most definitely on board.

Everything turned out great! She learned to use the oven timer properly and to occasionally check on them when necessary.  She was very proud of her very first healthy muffins.

They were pretty yummy too!