Month: October 2013

Learning About Spiders

Spiders. Right now it is the season for spiders! I’m not a huge spider fan but can tolerate them from a distance. This past week ….

Novi Karate Class – Starting 11/19

Homeschool karate classes will begin on November 19th at 11am (Tuesdays)! They will be held at the Novi Civic Center by the Family Self Defense ….

Fegely Family Bottle Drive

A local homeschooling family is doing a bottle drive.  They have been collecting returnables for 10 months and have raised $16.00 toward Bible Translation work ….

An Evening With Sandhill Cranes

  Field trips are for adults too! Meet at Leslie Science and Nature Center (LSNC), then travel to Haehnle Memorial Sanctuary where last year over 8,000 ….

Lantern-Lit Full Moon Walk

  Join LSNC for an enchanting self-led lantern-lit walk through Black Pond Woods. Read poems along the way, make moon shadows, then warm up around the ….