Advanced Essay Workshop Starts 11/21-Lapeer

Advanced Essay Workshop Starts 11/21-Lapeer

In order for high school students to attend college, they must be able to compose an effective essay.  Does your student have practical and powerful essay writing ‘tools’ in his or her composition ‘toolbox’? This six week workshop is designed to improve your student’s basic essay skills by adding advanced techniques to the basic structure he or she has already mastered.

Advanced Essay Workshop – 6 weeks $80
November 21 December 5, 12 January 9, 16, 23Thursdays from 12:00-1:25

Location: Lapeer Free Methodist Church, 1621 N. Saginaw, Lapeer
Suggested for all 11th & 12th graders and for any high school student who is able to write the basic persuasive essay. Must be at least 14 to take this class.
This workshop will explore advanced essay writing techniques that will enable your high schooler to compose several types of engaging and meaningful essays, including literary analysis, exposition, and comparison/contrast, as well as writing essays for scholarships and college entrance.Topics will include:
  • strengthening the introduction & conclusion
  • addressing counter-arguments
  • providing specific evidence
  • evaluating the implications of the issue
  • choosing vivid words
  • using complex sentence structure
  • varying the length and structure of the essay to suit the assignment
  • revising the essay for maximum impact
Additional skills will be targeted to each student’s needs.Quality in-depth feedback will be provided on two essays so that students will learn from their errors and improve their writing. Students will also learn how to self-evaluate their work.  This workshop will include new information that was not a part of previous classes.  Please note it is now a 6 week workshop instead of the 4 week workshop that it was previously.  You can register online at:HTTP://ALTURL.COM/4TZUV


Lindsey Clair

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