Assassins the Musical for High School Homeschoolers-Farmington Hills

Assassins the Musical for High School Homeschoolers-Farmington Hills
A musical is getting ready to open at the Farmington Players Community Theater (“The Barn”) located on 12 Mile Road between Farmington and Orchard Lake Roads in Farmington Hills.  The show runs from February 14th, to March 1st. The Barn is planning a special President’s Day performance on Monday, February 17th, at 8:00 pm.  They will  be offering half-price tickets for college and high school students. $9 for that show only.  The normal student discounts ($2 less per ticket) apply for the other performances in the run. Assassins is a Stephen Sondheim musical that explores the minds and motives of the nine men and women who have attempted to assassinate the President of the U.S.  Here are a few curriculum ideas/topics:
  • Important Assassinations in History and their impact.
  • How does media play a role with violence and assassinations?
  • The gun as a factor in assassinations and as an American symbol.
  • Turning History into Theater…..political theater.
  • The role of music and lyrics in Assassins.
  • How are American musical forms such as spirituals, folk music, patriotic marches and soft-rock ballads used and commented upon in the score?  Why do you think the composer made these choices?

“While Assassins does not condone violence, by definitions, the very subject matter of the play involves the use of guns in a violent manner.  The play also depicts historical figures, some of whom used profane language to express their anger and angst.  Therefore, Assassins may not be appropriate for students younger than high school age, or for people who are particularly sensitive to profanity or guns.  (Several simulated gun shots occur during the performance.)”

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