4 Kid-Safe Email Sites for Kids

With technology constantly advancing, it’s inevitable that our children will want to be a part of it.  After all, it’s the sign of the times.

You may be finding yourself setting up certain screen times per day etc., just to keep your child in check as the Internet can be a scary and unsafe place if not monitored appropriately.

What if your child wants their own email account?  I spent a few days researching a kid-safe email program for my oldest daughter (10.5) to use as she was constantly asking me for an account.  This mom was very leery and procrastinated for quite a while until I had to give in and realize, hey, it’s all part of life and I don’t want her to fall behind.  Her friends were utilizing it, and I thought it would be good typing practice for her.

In my research, I came across 5 kid safe email sites and programs that I thought I would share with you.  Keep in mind some have free features and some may require a monthly or yearly payment.

4 Kid Safe Email Sites

  1. Kids Safe Mail
  2. Kids Email.org
  3. ZooBuh!
  4. Zilladog

I found that Zilladog works best for us.  It’s currently free (to a certain point).  Parents get their own login to approve emails before sending into child’s inbox.  Kids also get to create a buddy list.  This feature only allows them to email whoever is approved for their list.  I absolutely love it.  No spam or weird junk popping up to corrupt our kids minds.