Homeschooling through the Summer


How many of you have plans to continue homeschooling through the summer?  This could be through a summer enrichment format just a few days a week or simply just sticking with your normal homeschooling schedule.  Maybe you just take the entire summer off, that’s cool too.

Our homeschool basically goes the enrichment route keeping up with math, reading, and writing with a lot of fun field trips to keep the minds sharp.  At least I try to do this.  I mean come on, it’s summer, right? Ha!  If anything,  we only do summer homeschooling for 2 to 3 days a week for maybe a couple hours each day.

I know that everyone has their own ideas, but it would be fun to compile a list from everyone to see what could be helpful to avoid being stuck in a rut even through the summer months.

With that said, do you homeschool through the summer?  If so, what activities, ideas, events, etc., do you have in place?

Happy sharing!

One thought on “Homeschooling through the Summer

  • Esperanza Gailliard


    We usually travel and take the children to the south eastern states to visit different landmarks. Camping is usually the key for expenses to be low. We believe exposure to our beautiful Turtle Island is helpful in getting the children to learn more about this beautiful place that we have traditionally called our home for thousands of years! We also take them to different reservations to see how different nations live according to their traditions and this includes the pow wow trail too!

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