A Free DVD Lesson for Kids on How We Choose our President


As a homeschooling family, have you studied how a president is elected?

Learn Our History always has amazing DVD’s and now they have a new one based on how we choose our president here in the United States of America.

Mike Huckabee is the Co-Founder of Learn our History and is presenting this DVD for families right now for free!  There is a limited supply so jump on this while you still can.  Click here, to see a preview of the Election Day Choosing our President DVD.  You will also receive free downloadable curriculum supplements.

Please be advised that when you sign up for the free DVD lesson, there is a shipping and handling fee of $3.95.  You will have to provide your credit card info so that they may charge you once a month to receive an updated DVD from their Learn Our History library.  If you only want the free DVD, you will have to cancel your membership to avoid monthly fees and DVDs.

My family gave it a shot for a few months and it was fantastic.   Not only do you get the DVD’s you can stream them online and download all the curriculum materials that go along with it. A few of the lessons we received were:

  • Columbus and the Great Discovery
  • The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
  • The Mayflower and the First Thanksgiving
  • The Declaration of Independence

and more great U.S History videos.

Have you used Learn Our History?  Share with us your homeschool’s favorite lesson.



Lindsey Clair

Lindsey Clair is a homeschooling mother of three daughters. She is married to her best friend Ron since 1999! Lindsey possesses a degree in Child Development and just completed her BS degree in business marketing with a social media concentration. She is currently a professional blogger and social media manager. Lindsey is also a trained musician in the areas of piano and vocals. Her hobbies include reading, shopping, blogging, and hanging out with family and friends.