Electronics for Homeschoolers-Online Lessons 8/10


A really cool class is starting over online at Quick Study Labs on August 10th!

The Edison Project at Quick Study Labs is only $2 a lesson.  This is perfect for your science-minded child.  Electronics for Homeschool kids is designed for ages 8 to 108.  40 lessons is $55.

Every on-line lesson has a hands-on circuit to build. Complete five lessons each week on the schedule that is easiest for you. The Edison Project is designed to minister to the needs of children with the Edison Trait, so all kids will love these discovery, hands-on classes!”

Classes start on August 10th so register now and order your equipment today.

To receive a $5 discount off of the first 8 week class, enter code:  ILFA15

For full details, visit http://www.quickstudylabs.com/.