Homeschool Speakers League-Auburn Hills


A Homeschool Speakers League: Skill Builders Chapter, will be starting soon.  What is the Homeschool Speakers League?

A Speakers League is a fun, supportive environment where you can become more comfortable and confident with public speaking.  Club meetings follow a format that gives members an opportunity for off-the-cuff speaking, prepared speeches, evaluation, and meeting management.  Click here for full details.

Ages: 8-18 (Possibly 2 different age groups)

Meets: Twice per month for 90 minutes.

Registration Fee: $50 (Covers room rental fee).

Tuition: $45 a month

Meeting times and dates to be determined.

Location: Auburn Hills Community Center

For more information or to express interest, please contact Renee Cook at Please let her know the ages of your children.

They are looking to start at the end of September or beginning of October.