NEW History Through Literature Classes for Girls-Waterford



New series just for girls: Learning History Through Literature.  This class is designed for girls to grow in their love of literature while learning American History.

Level one: American Girl Club Tuesdays at 1pm. This class is a fun introduction to history and talking about books  together for ages 7 and up. No reading required! Each week students will read the chapter in class and do an activity based on what was read. A  different girl will be covered each semester. The first girl is Samantha. Meets for 8 weeks. Class is one hour in length. $42

Level two: Little House Literature Discussion Tuesdays at 2:30pm. This class meets weekly and requires at home reading assignments of two or more chapters per week. This class will get progressively more difficult with each semester as students read through the series. No outside homework will be required other than reading. In class students will discuss the chapters and do activities inspired by the reading. Projects or crafts will be secondary to understanding the text. The main goal of this class is to inspire a love of reading and learning through books. Recommended for ages 9-13 with a fourth grade or higher reading level. Meets for 8 weeks covering one book each term. The first book is Little House in the Big Woods. Class is one hour in length. $42

Level three: History through Literature Class Thursdays at Noon. This class meets biweekly and includes outside reading and homework. A new book will be read for each meeting, covering various topics in American history. A schedule will be distributed upon registration outlining the workload. Students will seek to understand historical concepts presented in the books through plot analysis and take it a step further by synthesizing  knowledge and presenting it through writing assignments due on off weeks. Students’ work will not be graded; helpful critique will be given on each assignment with tips for improvement. Recommended for ages 12-15 with a sixth grade or higher reading level. Meets for 4 weeks covering three books each term. The first book is Bound for Oregon. Class is 75 minutes. $32.

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